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Inmarsat airtime

Calls to your sat phone at mobile phone rates!!


ClientSAT overview 
Generally speaking if your requirement is just for outbound calls from the satellite phone then our pre-paid rates may be better value. (Pre-paid accounts have an international phone number) 

Post-paid accounts are usually chosen over pre-paid because you do not have to top up and you won't run out of airtime. The phone is ready to use and you do not have to enter voucher numbers into the phone. They are ideal when people call you as callers are charged as if they were calling your mobile. Your satellite phone will have a standard Australian mobile number 04XX XXX XXX. You are not charged for incoming calls with pre or post-paid.

It is common place for people to have capped plans on their mobile phones, so with an unlimited capped plan or with in bundle call allowance on a mobile plan they could effectively be calling the satellite phone at no out of pocket charge! This is a big saving as usually it is around $20 per minute to call to satellite phones which have a standard +8707 XXXX XXXX Inmarsat number.

If you need to send emails or download GRIB files then please contact us to discuss which option will suit you best.


There are 3 different monthly airtime options here. 

Seasonal suspension- Many of our clients have down time due to seasonal quiet periods. A phone can be suspended for up to 3 months per year where they are billed just $20 per month to keep the account open and retain the phone number.


Very casual use- If you are a very casual user then you can opt for a no term agreement (cancel at any time)by paying a $50 activation fee & $50 admin charge. Keep the sim card and next time you need to connect we can do it with the same sim card. 


Monthly Access Fee                           $40     $70      $99    

Monthly Included Value                      $0      $45      $79     

Satellite Calls per 30 seconds            75c      60c     40c     

Flagfall                                             40c      40c     40c     

Standard SMS                                    50c      50c     50c       

If you use more than your included value then the same / 30 second rates will apply.


Download Critical Information Summary here 

24 Month term CIS

(No activation fee applies)                  $40     $70      $99       

Note: No minimum term applies if you choose to pay a $50 connection fee. Minimum cost will be one month's access fee + $50 connection fee.


PLUS.. a standard mobile number for your satellite phone where your friends, family and clients can call you for their normal 'call to mobile rates'.  No more international dialing!




Contact us for a chat about your requirement.

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