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Iridium GO! unlimited data airtime

Unlimited data airtime is now available in Australia! 

If you plan on using an Iridium GO! for mainly voice calls in Australia or New Zealand then please see our local number options that may be better for you. 

Please note that the Iridium GO! rates shown below are in US$ and exclude GST. The rate will be converted into AU$ and GST added at the time of billing. We have done this to provide our best possible airtime rates for our clients.

Australian airtime providers are billed in US$ from Iridium, the network owner. Some Australian providers "pad" the rate to protect themselves against currency fluctuations. This practice usually makes you pay more. As Australia's truly independent satellite airtime broker ClientSAT has a better way. 

GO! 75 - Monthly Subscription $76.50

Included in bundle:
75 Iridium DI GO! Data Minutes or 75 Voice Minute*
Iridium - GO! Data rate per minute - out of bundle $0.54
SMS per message rate - out of bundle $0.07

GO! 150 - Monthly Subscription $97.36
Included in bundle:
150 Iridium GO! Data Minutes or 150 Voice Minutes*
Unlimited SMS Messages
Iridium - GO! Data rate per minute - out of bundle $0.21

GO! Unlimited - Monthly Subscription $125.18
Included in bundle:
Unlimited Iridium GO! Data Minutes (Great for yachties use who want to download email and GRIB files as often as they like)
150 voice minutes*
Unlimited SMS Messages

*Voice calls included in plans are ISU-ISU, ISU-PSTN and ISU-Voicemail. All other call types are excluded and will be charged as per below.

Additional Charges for voice and data across all post-paid plans

Iridium - PSTN per minute $1.17
Iridium - Iridium per minute $0.67
Iridium - voicemail $0.67

Iridium - Other satellite $9.76

Iridium - Iridium data $1.17
Iridium - direct internet $1.17

SIM Reactivation Charge $225.00

A $50 connection fee applies when subscribing to any of the plans above.

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