About us

Our commitment to clients

ClientSATisfaction is critical to our success and that is why it is in our name. Our name is not about the products we sell, it is about what we deliver to our clients. 

How are we different?
We have negotiated access with seven separate wholesale service providers and carriers not just one, including Australian & International carriers. We speak with these carriers on behalf of our clients.. yes you.

Why are we different?
Because you deserve choice! (We call it being... supplier agnostic) "Our decision to recommend one solution or supplier over another will be driven by need, and that is the need of our client" Rob Martin… MD- The Client Pty Ltd

rob-martin-clientsat.jpgRob has held client many relationship roles in the telecommunications and IT industries since 1984 including management positions with Answerpage, Hutchison Telecoms, Cable & Wireless Optus. 

Prior to the cancelling of the subsidy scheme, ClientSAT was an authorised Australian Government Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme dealer. Registration Number D01358 The Client Pty Ltd ABN 13 119 493 033 trading as ClientSAT 

How ClientSAT works for you
We connect our clients utilising seven different airtime providers and carriers. After analysing your requirements with you we will make our provider recommendation to you for your next satellite phone. The choice of airtime provider, carrier and satellite phone handset is yours.

We then administer the connection for you with your chosen provider.  

The airtime provider will bill you directly at their published plans and call rates unless you are a pre-paid account holder with us.  We bulk buy handsets and supply them direct to you, so you are not committed to buying from the airtime provider at ‘their’ price. 

ClientSAT is paid by the airtime providers for administering your account activation, reducing their overheads and then passing on that saving as reward to us.  

You pay no extra, yet benefit from our service and experience.  

Providers assist us to look after our clients knowing we provide an ongoing source of business to them.  You are not on your own.  

Pre-paid SIM card account clients are billed by us at our discount rates.   

Like to know more? Please give us a call or our contact details can be found here.