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With only around 27% of Australia covered my mobile coverage don't miss out on the ease of email communication. At times it is easier / cheaper to type than talk. Compose you emails ofline, connect, send & save.

ClientSATmail powered by XGate is compression software that delivers email, weather, web and social media over your satellite phone or other satellite device.

XGate uses only 5% of the data of a standard email program, on average. That means you save up to 95% on satellite airtime costs compared to using your email without XGate. It also means that what would take 60 minutes or more over a standard Iridium connection, for example, will only take 3 minutes with XGate.


Please contact us for sales outside of Australia. All pricing Includes GST and is in $AUD

  • Think of this as a satphone with out a keypad, use your smartphone's contacts, text and email functionality to communicate via this fantastic little device. The SatSleeve  Plus does not even have to be clipped onto your smartphone and can be up to 30 meters away from it!

    SatSleeve + for iPhone / Android

    Please contact us to discuss if this product suits your requirement.    The SatSleeve connects to your smartphone to give you satellite coverage when you are outside mobile reception areas. The SatSleeve is a satellite phone in its own right,...

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  • PredictWind is "The" weather and wind forecasting software with full GRIB file viewer and requester, chart plotting, departure planning, and more. Used by countless mariners & yachties worldwide.

    ClientSATmail with PredictWind renewals

    PredictWind is now included with ClientSATmail (thats our name for XGate satellite email) for all of our yachties and marine clients!   A $69 activation fee applies to new clients only. For ClientSATmail new accounts click here April 2016 -...

  • Optimzer WiFi for satellite phones

    Optimzer WiFi for satellite phones

    FREE PredictWind with XGate from ClientSAT    Simply connect the Optimizer USB cable to your satellite phone or broadband terminal, and it will create a WiFi hotspot for your computer, tablet or smartphone. ClientSAT mail powered by XGate...

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