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Govt Subsidy

SUBSIDY SCHEME Closed 1/4/2014

The subsidy scheme is now closed for applications. 


We will be removing subsidy information from our website shortly. 
























The closing date for receipt of new applications is 5:00pm on Monday 31st March 2014 (AEST).

ClientSAT predicts that there will be a massive influx of applications before 31st of March. Once approved you will have two months to purchase and connect your phone.

DO NOT DELAY... apply for the satellite phone subsidy here.


The Australian Government provide subsidies to assist with the purchasing of satellite phones for use in areas where normal mobile coverage is not available.

If you answer yes to either question below
we recommend that 
 you download and apply for the satellite phone subsidy here. 



  "No" Then please call us on 1300 368 858 (7 DAYS) for help or further options.


 Question one:
 Do you live or work outside of
 mobile coverage area?

 (The phone requirement can be for
  business or pleasure)

 Question two:
Do you live or work in mobile coverage 
 area, but intend to work or travel
 outside mobile coverage area more 
 than 180 days in total over a two-year
 period for either business or pleasure?

 You could recieve 85 per cent of the retail
 price of  the phone to a maximum of $1000

 You could recieve 50 per cent of the retail 
 price of the phone, to a maximum of $700

You only pay the after subsidy price to ClientSAT. The subsidy is then paid to us.

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Individuals may apply for one subsidy. Small businesses, educational institutions and community groups may apply for two subsidies. Indigenous corporations, health and emergency service organisations may apply for more than two handset subsidies.
Handsets must be connected to a satellite phone sim card at the time of purchase.


Two-tiered subsidy
The subsidy varies according to where you live and the cost of the phone you buy.


ClientSAT Dealer number:D01358
If you already have a subsidy application form and just need our dealer details then please down load page seven which is already populated with our dealer information
and swap it for the blank page in your application form


Replacement handsets
Applicants who live in areas without terrestrial mobile coverage are eligible for additional subsidies to replace handsets purchased under the scheme three or more years earlier.

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