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Important Firmware upgrade for existing Isat Phone Pro owners

  • Urgent action required  by Inmarsat Isat Phone Pro owners  * Iridium phones are not effected*

Product Description

Urgent action required  by Inmarsat Isat Phone Pro owners                    

Firmware upgrade  

Is your satellite phone running the latest firmware version 5.11.0? (Released October 2015)

Please ship your phone (battery can be removed) via registered post or express post etc. to- ClientSAT PO Box 8244 Angelo St LPO South Perth WA 6151 Contact number 0412 265 558.

ClientSAT highly recommends upgrading now as we have clients who have experienced difficulties prior to installing this upgrade even though Inmarsat do not consider this to be a mandatory upgrade for all users. Most of our clients tell us that they only need the phone in an EMERGENCY. If that is you then... better to be safe than sorry. Safe travels!

To check your phone's firmware version, go to Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.

The Inmarsat release notes and guides by visiting the Inmarsat support page. 

Due to the various operating systems used by our clients we are not able to provide telephone support for this process.

ClientSAT is providing a discounted service to our customers who decide not to perform this update themselves.  

As a service to our customers for $69.00 inc GST. ClientSAT will perform the update of the firmware and send the phone back to your postal address via Express Post Platinum.

If you are able to upgrade your phone's firmware that is fantastic, if not please purchase this upgrade and we will be in touch with return shipping details.

Kind regards  Rob Martin

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