Inmarsat Airtime 2022

FREE sim card for any of these options

Pre-paid airtime.

Vouchers can be purchased online here or call us 1300 368 858 seven days

* Activate each voucher or Flexi Voucher block only when you need it. This is done from the handset whilst in the field to save you $$ -- All pricing includes GST:

$99* --- Flexi voucher --- "1"- 1 x 50 unit / 30 day block
$169* --- Flexi voucher --- "2"- 2 x 50 unit / 30 day blocks
$249* --- Flexi voucher --- "3"- 3 x 50 unit / 30 day blocks
$319* --- Flexi voucher --- "4"- 4 x 50 unit / 30 day blocks

(each 50 unit block = 33 minutes of talk time)

$199* ------ 100 unit / 90 day standard voucher
$389* ------ 250 unit / 180 day standard voucher
$699* ------ 500 unit / 365 day standard voucher 

$69 - - - 30 day extension to any standard voucher or 30 day block

The phones use 1.5 units / minute for calls & 0.6 units / SMS 

Please be aware that when someone calls your pre-paid Inmarsat number,  Telstra for example will charge them $20/ minute! Calls from other carriers are usually less but still be well above the norm. If incoming calls are important to you then please consider our post-paid options.

Voucher expiration
Our vouchers are "fresh" and are available for activation for 365 days from the date of supply. Some suppliers supply vouchers that are not for the full 365 days! Beware of “Up to 365 day suppliers”.


Post-paid airtime options- casual & longer term - Call us 1300 368 858 seven days to chat about your needs

The Inmarsat phones are supplied with local Australian mobile numbers 04XX XXX XXX so when calling to them the caller will be charged at their normal “calls to mobile rates”.  Usually clients have capped plans on their mobile phones, so with an unlimited capped plan or with in bundle call allowance on their mobile plan they would effectively be calling the satellite phones at no out of pocket expense! This is a big saving as usually it is around $20 per minute to call to these Inmarsat satellite phones.

To proceed with setting up your post-paid account we need to see 100 points of Identification. This can be a drivers licence & passport or Medicare etc.


Isat Advantage plan- exclusive to ClientSAT

There are $10 of incoming or outgoing calls included each month so this is fantastic for low / emergency use. You can suspend for up to 12 months and retain your phone number with no monthly fee whilst suspended. 
The minimum term is 3 billing months. We will keep it active & bill you until you suspend or cancel the service. The Advantage plan requires direct debit via a bank account or credit/debit card for payment. There is a $30 administration fee charged by ClientSAT to connect, lift the suspension or reconnect after cancellation.


Flagfall does not apply to incoming calls.


Inmarsat Standard plans  

Note: Casual option. Minimum cost will be one month’s access fee + $50 connection fee.

Don’t travel all year? 
Save with seasonal suspension!    There is no fee to suspend or lift suspension.
Many of our clients have down time due to seasonal quiet periods. A phone can be suspended for up to 6 months per in twelve where they are billed just $10 per month.

You will retain your number. Suspension will be lifted & billing will commence at the previous monthly rate when your maximum suspension period is used.

Isatplan 53 and above are ideal when people call you frequently as you are not charged for incoming calls and callers are charged as if they were calling your mobile. Why not tell your friends that you will have the phone switched on from say 5-8 PM each day when you are travelling and they can call at no cost to you and probably them as well! 


Flagfall does not apply to incoming calls. 

A $50 Administration fee also applies to set up the casual plans for the first time.