Inmarsat Firmware Upgrades

Is your Inmarsat phone running the latest firmware? 

Regardless of what you may read online ClientSAT considers all upgrades to be mandatory. With out them your phone may not work!

To see your current version, turn on the phone then see MENU>SETTINGS>ABOUT (Keep scrolling down & you will see the word ABOUT)

The phone does not need to be outside for this.


IsatPhone Pro model 
Current firmware version: 5:17.2 correct as at May 2020
Please visit this page for downloads


If you prefer to send your phone to us for upgrading please click here


IsatPhone 2 models
IsatPhone 2 is available in two models. The original IsatPhone 2 model has been available since 2014. The second model IsatPhone 2 (Model 2.1) was introduced in 2018.

Both models use different firmware versions, USB drivers and software tools. Please make sure to identify your correct IsatPhone 2 model before proceeding to download and install new files.


How do I identify the new IsatPhone 2 (Model 2.1)?
The new ‘Model: 2.1’ details are displayed on the outside of the phone’s packaging and on the CE label inside the handset. You can also identify the model by going to the ‘About’ menu setting of the handset.


IsatPhone 2 or 2.1 
Current firmware version for IsatPhone 2 is 2.00.03 correct as at March 2019
Current firmware version for IsatPhone 2.1 is 1.00.05 correct as at March 2019

Please visit this page for downloads




If you prefer to send your phone to us for upgrading please click here