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Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 - Post Paid options

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  • Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

Product Description

This is the latest phone from Inmarsat


Handset information

Location services, including tracking and an assistance button, keep people updated with your GPS co-ordinates when it matters. 
Receive notification of inbound calls, even with the antenna stowed.


Network registration in under 45 seconds, plus unrivaled battery life – with 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours on standby.


Dimensions: Length: 169mm (6.7″)
Width: 52mm (2″) without antenna
75mm (3″) with antenna
Depth: 29mm (1.1″) in hand
36mm (1.4″) at deepest point
Weight: 318g (11.2oz) – including battery


Display: High-contrast colour screen
Interfaces: Micro USB
Audio socket
Antenna port
Bluetooth 2.0
Durability: IP65
Operating range: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Storage range: -20ºC to +70ºC (-4ºF to +158ºF) (with battery)
Charging range: 0°C to +45°C (+32°F to +113°F)


Type: Lithium-ion, 3.7 volts
Talk time: Up to 8 hours
Standby time: Up to 160 hours



Satellite telephony: 2.4kbps voice codec
Voicemail: Speed dial 1
Supplementary voice services: Call history
Caller ID
Call waiting
Call divert
Call holding
Call barring
Speed dialling
Fixed number dialling

Text-to-text: 160 Latin / ~74 non-Latin characters
Up to 10 concatenations
Standard and predictive text
Text-to-email: 160 Latin / ~74 non-Latin characters
Up to 10 concatenations
Incoming email – 160 Latin characters / ~74 non-Latin characters


Your contacts can text you for free from - 



GPS location data: View position & send as text or email


Inmarsat view angle map 
Looking at the map, you can approximate the direction and how many degrees up from the horizon one of the Inmarsat satellites will be (where to point your phone with the antenna fully extended) e.g. If you are at Alice Springs you will point the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro in a northerly direction at about 60 degrees above the horizon. If you are in Darwin you would point the phone in a northerly direction but almost straight up at at 75 degrees (not quite verticle at 90 degrees). The phone will need a clear line of sight to that position in the sky i.e. clear of buildings, mountains, tree foliage etc



When travelling towards either of the polar regions Iridium would be the network of choice.

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