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Iridium GO! Firmware Upgrades (9560)

Enhancements are not always limited to the published bug fixes.


Iridium GO! SMS date error - Current as at September 2021


Iridium GO! devices have been incorrectly date stamping on SMS/ Text messages (currently dating them 2014 not 2021)
This can result in messages being displayed in an incorrect order or possibly not seen. Location & track SMS messages are also displaying a 2014 date.

Normal internet will be required for this as it is a large file not suitable to be downloaded over the Iridium GO! satellite connection.


Download the GO! 2.1.22 Download 2.1.22 here


The Firmware upgrade process is as per previous upgrades shown below.


Current as at May 2020

Iridium has released Iridium GO! (9560) firmware version 2.1.8 that provides the following updates:


Bug Fixes
• SMS memory full issue due to large (more than 1000 characters)
• Connected client doesn't reset when Wi-Fi is powered off

Update process 

To update the firmware on your device please perform the following actions:

1. Download the firmware file from the iridium website 

2. Unzip the downloaded firmware file to your Desktop.

3. Power on the Iridium GO! by flipping up the antenna.

4. Wait for the device to fully boot.

5. From your computer (must be a Windows computer and not a tablet, MAC or phone)      join the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi network. Example Iridium GO! SSID: IRIDIUM-02473.

6. Open a web browser and type in the following IP address:

7. An Iridium interface page will open.

8. Type in "guest" for the "User Name" and "Password" fields.

If you prefer to send your device to ClientSAT to be updated please contact us. A small charge to cover our time & return shipping will apply

NOTE: The screenshots below will reference an older version of firmware. Please ignore the version number. The steps are still accurate.



9. From the main page, click on the "System" tab.





10. Click on the "Choose File" button.



11. Select the previously unzipped firmware file. The file name should be called "IridiumGO_Portal_upgrade_2_1_8.frm"

12. Once the file has been selected, click on the "Upgrade" button.



13. The progress bar will start to count up to 100%. The upgrade will take up to 15 minutes to complete.



14. Once the firmware update reaches 100% the Iridium GO! will reboot. The device will be ready to use again. 




Read the Iridium release notes that will be in the download folder before attempting an upgrade.
All firmware upgrades, tools and instructions have been designed, produced and provided by Iridium Communications, Inc. By performing a firmware upgrade, you will assume all and any risk. Your equipment may be damaged or bricked and repair may be required. ClientSAT shall not be responsible for any damage to your equipment and/or costs of repair/replacement as a result of firmware upgrades.

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