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Iridium GO! Why to buy in Australia

Why to buy in Australia instead of the USA


1. It is around the same price to buy form ClientSAT in Australia as it is from suppliers in the USA

2. Purchase the Iridium GO! in Australian dollars. 

3. Our freight is just $25 Australian dollars, not $150 US dollars (check the fine print)

4. You can talk to us... and in Australian time. 

5. Warranty claims do not require you to ship the unit back to the USA!!!

6. We have multiple airtime options to suit your calling requirements including Australian mobile numbers if voice is your priority.

7. ClientSAT includes Predict Wind in our email compression software at no charge!

8. Next day delivery to Australian Express Post Platinum areas.

9. ClientSAT supports local sailors. We are sponsoring Jon Sanders in his 10th circumnavigation voyage!

10. Check out what our clients say about us. This is far more important than what we say about ourselves.


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