Iridium pre- paid cards

Five things to you should know about Iridium pre-paid

The three questions you should ask

The alternative to pre-paid


Iridium is a fantastic phone and network. We happily provide pre-paid to our clients however we want to give you choices.



Five important things we want you to know: (OK, there are really six)

  1. When you purchase an Iridium pre-paid sim card you are purchasing a fixed call amount with a fixed period to use the calls e.g 75 minutes of calls with a month to use them or lose them.
  2. If you run out of your pre-paid calls it may take a day or two to get extra calls added to your account, especially if the sat phone is your only means of contact.
  3. The same applies if you are running out of the time in which you have to use your pre-purchased calls.
  4. Purchasing an additional month of time in which to use the remainder of pre-paid calls in your account will usually cost $55
  5. If you are in an emergency and have used your pre paid calls then that is it!... until you can contact your supplier and purchase more calls and or time to use them.

We want you to be aware of the above and as long as you are and plan accordingly then pre-paid is a great way to purchase airtime. 



Worth considering

Many people who buy a pre paid card just need it for a short time, a trip, a cruise or holiday etc. A one to two month card will usually cost between $200 - $300 depending on the amount of pre-paid calls and the validity period you chose.

Three questions to ask:

  1. Exactly how long do I need the card for?
  2. Is it possible that I will need it longer if my circumstances change when I am away?
  3. How many calls will I make and am I buying too few or too many?


Not sure? Then...


Would you prefer an alternative where:

  • You won't run out of calls in an emergency
  • You won't run out of time to use them
  • You tell us when to terminate your card when you are safely home
  • You don't have to pre purchase calls that you may never use or worse still... buy too few
  • You can't forget to extend or top up the card (this needs to be done in advance with pre paid cards)


Have questions or not sure of what is best for you? Call us 7 DAYS 1300 368 858