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Pre paid SIM card for Iridium

  • Satellite airtime for Iridium 9555_9575_9505a-9655 or Iridium GO!

Product Description

Suitable for 9500, 9505, 9505A, 9555, 9575 satellite phones and Iridium GO!.
Please contact us for your unique requirement as we can adjust the term and amount to suit you.


Often pre-paid is not the cheapest or best option for Iridium phones, especially for low users who need to have the phone available for use at any time. See our post-paid options here


The fine print! 

Global coverage (use these minutes any where in the world) 

***Iridium GO! Data includes approved app usage for email, weather and accessing websites via the 2.4 kbps connection with Iridium Mail & Web app.

6 x Starter vouchers are available 75, 200, 500, 3000 & 5000 minute vouchers
Top up vouchers available as above, plus 30 DAY extensions and 75 minute top up vouchers. The 30 day extensions do not add any additional minutes of call time but do allow you to extend the period to use any unused credit by a further 30 days. To retain unused credits you must extend the voucher before the initial expiry date. The 75 minute vouchers do not add further longevity to the life of the card, they simply add a further 75 minutes of call time. E.G.To obtain a further 75 minutes of calls plus a further 30 days to use them in addition to the current validity period you will need to purchase both of these.
Validity Period: as stated with the original purchase and with a 270 day grace period. This means that you have 270 days to top up or extend your card after the previously purchased voucher has expired. After this time you will need to be issued with a new sim card and phone number. Previously unused credits will have been forfeited at the end of the initial expiry date and will not roll over once the 270 day grace period has started.

Usage Costs
All pre-paid Iridium usage is calculated in units. For simplicity, vouchers are listed as ISU-PSTN minutes (this means calls to land line or mobile telephones, not special numbers such as 1300, 13 or 1800 numbers or other satellite phone networks) on our price lists:
e.g. The 500 minute voucher is actually a 30,000 unit card.
500 minutes refers to calls from an Iridium to a PSTN line, which is charged at 60 units/minute.


Usage Costs Unit Cost (per minute)
Iridium to Iridium 48
Iridium to PSTN – in region 60
Iridium to Voicemail 30
Other SAT service 540
Direct Internet Data – in region 60
SMS Message (per message) 20

Check your pre-paid balance - Dial 2888 (free service)


Confused?? Contact us for a human explanation :)

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