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Pre paid airtime -- Isat Phone Pro -- Top up or new sim card--

  • Inmarsat airtime

Product Description

Airtime explained    *New inmarsat format

*Inmarsat (the owner of the satellite network) introduced a new pre-paid format as of August 2019. ClientSAT pricing is for the new format. Not all suppliers are yet to advertise the new format and some are selling vouchers that are not for the full 365 days! All of our vouchers are "fresh" and are valid for 365 days form purchase date. Whilst we understand that prices have increased, Inmarsat is still good value. An Iridium 30 day card is $239!!

If your sim card was not supplied by ClientSAT please contact us before making any purchase.

If your current ClientSAT sim card was supplied before 2012 then please contact us to ensure that these latest voucher options are available to you. If needed we will upgrade your old sim card for free.

Air time vouchers - We now provide vouchers for topping up & adding airtime to new Inmarsat pre-paid sim cards. You chose when to use your airtime. Think of a voucher as you would a spare can of fuel for your vehicle. Carry it with you until you need it. You can activate the voucher whilst in the field so your purchased time starts from that moment, just like pouring extra fuel into your vehicle when your tank is low.

A voucher(s) must be activated using the PIN numbers before the voucher expiry date shown in your voucher email. 


Confused? Please contact us so we can talk you through what is best for you.

To activate the voucher go  to MENU > SETTINGS > PREPAY > REDEEM VOUCHER  and then enter the voucher number and press the Send key.

To check your account balance & voucher expiry date take the phone outside so that it can see the satellite. Then go to MENU > SETTINGS > PREPAY > BALANCE ENQUIRY. The information will then be dispayed on the screen of the phone. This is a free service.

How much time do I get for one unit of airtime?

Units Rate Card Inmarsat ISATPHONE PRO - as from 1/8/2019

Voice call to PSTN (Normal Landlines)   

1.5 Unit per Minute 

Voice call to Cellular/Mobile                                   

1.5 Unit per Minute

SMS (Max 160 Characters)                                    

0.60 Unit per SMS

Voice to Voicemail                                                    

1.5 Unit per Minute

Voice to BGAN/FleetBroadband/Swift Broadband    

2.9 Units per Minute

Voice to LandPhone/IsatPhone/FleetPhone              

2.0 Units per Minute

Voice to Inmarsat B                                                  

3.4 Units per Minute

Voice to Inmarsat M                                                  

2.9 Units per Minute

Voice to Inmarsat Mini M                                        

2.9 Units per Minute

Voice to GAN/Fleet/Swift                                      

2.9 Units per Minute

Voice to Inmarsat Aero                                                          

5.6 Units per Minute

Voice to Iridium                                                          

12.7 Units per Minute   

Voice to Globalstar                                                    

8.0 Units per Minute

Voice to Thuraya                                                    

5.80 Units per Minute

Voice to other MSS carriers                                      

8 Units per 



Inmarsat view angle map 
Looking at the map, you can approximate the direction and how many degrees up from the horizon one of the Inmarsat satellites will be (where to point your phone with the antenna fully extended) e.g. If you are at Alice Springs you will point the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro in a northerly direction at about 60 degrees above the horizon. If you are in Darwin you would point the phone in a northerly direction but almost straight up at at 75 degrees (not quite verticle at 90 degrees). The phone will need a clear line of sight to that position in the sky i.e. clear of buildings, mountains, tree foliage etc



When travelling towards either of the polar regions Iridium would be the network of choice

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