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SatSleeve Hotspot for iPhone / Android ---

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  • Think of this as a satphone with out a keypad, use your smartphone's contacts, text and email functionality to communicate via this fantastic little device.

Product Description

Please contact us to discuss if this product suits your requirement. 


Created for users preferring the freedom of having their smartphone separated from the satellite unit, the SatSleeve Hotspot gives you the range and room to move while you use your phone. The SatSleeve Hotspot sits with line of sight to the satellite (in an outside location) while you can be inside making calls, sending and receiving SMS or using satellite data for email, apps and browsing the internet. I have sat the unit inside in front of a window with visibility of the satellite and it worked well.


The SatSleeve Hotspot connects to your smartphone to give you satellite coverage when you are outside mobile reception areas. The SatSleeve is a satellite phone in its own right, it simply connects to your phone via Wi-Fi through the SatSleeve Hotspot App to give your smartphone a satellite connection for calls, SMS and data.


Download the SatSleeve Hotspot App from the App Store or Google Play store.
Pair the SatSleeve and your smartphone via Wi-Fi through the SatSleeve Hotspot App.
The SatSleeve has its own satellite SIM card that it uses to make a connection to the satellite.
Make and receive calls and SMS and use data on your smartphone using the SatSleeve as your connection.


Casual line rental is jut $15 per month with no lock long term in contract*

*$25 activation fee applies


Phone coverage

The Thuraya satellite located closest to Australia is based just west of Singapore 37,000 KMS above the equator. Indicated here by red arrows. Please be aware that you will need to see a clear line of site “look up angle” above the virtual horizon in that direction. If that path is not visible due to buildings, mountains heavy foliage etc. then the phone will need be repositioned so it can see the satellite. Please consider this when selecting a satellite phone. If in doubt please contact us for an unbiased opinion of how each of the satellite phones and their respective networks will perform for you.





If you were in Alice Springs your phone would need to see an angle of 44 degrees above the "virtual" horizon which is half way up to the vertical and in a north westerly direction.


Broome                55     Darwin      50     Perth                   48
Alice Springs        44     Cairns       33     Adelaide               31
Melbourne             25     Brisbane    23     Sydney                 22
Hobart                 20

(These angles were calculated using the Dish Align App.)







At just $15 / month with no minimum call spend required this is great value! A $25 activation fee applies. Cancel at any time. 

The casual plan is very popular shown in yellow below. Just one month minimum term. You can cancel and then restart with the same sim card however another $25 is charged to reactivate if you cancel the service. 




Available for Thuraya XT, XT Dual and SatSleeve handsets


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