second hand satellite phones

Things you should be aware of when considering a second hand satellite phone:


If the second hand Globalstar satellite phone has not been programmed for use in Australia you will pay around $500 to modify it so you can connect it here. Globalstar does not have constant coverage in Australia. Please see to see what times of the day you will have coverage in your area. Probably not ideal if you need a satellite phone for emergency purposes. If you qualify for the government subsidy you will probably pay less for a new phone with a pre-paid card than you will for a second hand Globalstar phone that will require you to go on a plan. At ClientSAT we can connect your Globalstar phone but we want you to be aware of the facts.


Many second hand Iridium phones that are being offered for sale come out of old rental fleets where their history and hence how they were 'looked after' by hundreds of users can be questioned. Many of these second hand satellite phones, being listed as bargains are more that 5 years old.  Spare parts and repairs are expensive. A 240v replacement charger retails for over $200 and a replacement battery around $170 depending on the model! Repairs start at around $90 just for a quotation with level two repairs being over $400 and you still have an old phone. Shipping is extra and expect to be without your phone for a few weeks. People usually buy these when they only want the phone for occassional use and are disappointed to discover that to have the phone available for use all of the time that they need to connect the phone to a monthly contract as Iridium pre-paid can cost above $900 per annum just to have it available for 24/7 use. The $900 will include around 500 minutes of calls but that hardly suits the occassional low volume user.


Many people purchase second hand Thuraya satellite phones thinking that they can be used on GSM and satellite networks. They are 2G phones so the coverage is not as goodas Next G or 3G, are directional in their usage. The Thuraya satellite network does not have the same coverage as the Iridium or the Inmarsat networks. We have frequently asked by callers to trade in these phones which of course we do not as we would not onsell them to our clients.


In Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro is the current model and a very popular phone.  The previous model IsatPhone is no longer made or sold. Service for IsatPhone was withdrawn on 31 December 2011

TT-3080A Messenger from Thrane & Thrane
This is the old Inmarsat GAN (M4) service. You can’t activate using ISAT SIM cards as the hardware is activated using the IMN number unique to each device. It has been replaced by BGAN. These old phones are offered for sale cheaply on the net but those who want to pay only $100 or there about for an old second hand phone don’t usually want to connect to a post-paid service agreement. 


If you have found what you believe is a bargain then feel free to give us a call first to see what is required to connect and use the phone before you buy.