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This self-help page is provided for ClientSAT customers who have Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro & IsatPhone 2 satellite phones

* Adding a top up voucher to your satellite phone sim card

* My voucher did not add correctly

* The phone does not register on the network

* My voucher has expired


* Adding a top up voucher to your satellite phone sim card

Use care when adding a voucher PIN number because if an error is made then the phone may become “fraud locked” if multiple attempts fail.  If this happens you must contact us in business hours to resolve. We then need to ask the carrier to unlock the sim. This is not an instant service.

A voucher(s) must be activated using the PIN numbers before the voucher expiry date shown on the email with the vouchers. Please note that the date and time are GMT (United Kingdom). To activate the voucher take the phone outside so it can register on the network (see point 4 below) go to MENU > SETTINGS > PREPAY > REDEEM VOUCHER > enter the voucher number>SEND. The voucher will then be activated by the Inmarsat . Please refer to your invoice for the airtime voucher amount and validity period. When a new voucher is added before a current expiry date then all of the current unused credit will roll over together with the new voucher amount for the new voucher period from that date.  Check the unit balance on the phone when you activate the voucher. The phones use 1.3 units per minute of calling to a landline or to a mobile phone. To check your account balance take the phone outside so that it can see the satellite. Then go to MENU > SETTINGS > PREPAY > BALANCE ENQUIRY

Please do the following-

  1. Read the usage tips document
  2. Please make a test call from the phone and demonstrate how to make a call to others who may be travelling with you.
  3. Keep a copy of this email with you as voucher numbers are not re issued.
  4. Making a call –The satellite we use in Australia is located north of Papua New Guinea. If you are in the eastern states of Australia you should point the phone approximately north or in the WA point to the north east. The signal indicator in the top left hand of the screes will show you when you have 5 bars. During this process it helps to angle the phone the about 45 degrees or about half way to the vertical. Turn the phone on and after about a minute it will register on the network. You can then add a voucher and use the phone. When talking on the phone ensure that the antenna is straight up and not away from the satellite


* My voucher did not add correctly
Sometime it may appear that the voucher was not added when it actually did work. Check the account balance NOW. Go to MENU > SETTINGS > PREPAY > BALANCE ENQUIRY
Ensure that the phone Registered on the Network and this is confirmed on the screen prior to redeeming the voucher. Make sure the phone is Registered on the network and try again.


* If the phone does not register on the network

If you have 5 bars of signal strength in the top left hand corner of the screen (1) and the phone will not register on the network then try each of the following actions until the phone does register on the network.

  1. Clean and replace the sim card
    To replace the sim I use a 5 cent coin to align the screw on the back of the phone in the vertical position, swing out the antenna, prize off the battery cover, push the battery up from the bottom of the phone and remove, gently place finger on the sim card holder and slide it up. You will feel it move about 1MM, swing the sim holder up and slide out the sim. Wipe the gold sim contacts with a clean cloth. Replace the sim without touching the contacts and slide the holder to lock it in place. Replace battery and cover.

  2. Conduct an advanced search
    Take the phone to a position where is shows 5 bars of signal in the top left hand corner of the screen (1)and then Select NETWORK CONNECTIVITY (2) as shown below.



Select Advanced options



Select yes to commence Advanced search


Lay the phone on its side pointing towards the satellite with the antenna pointed towards the sky ensuring that the 5 signal strength bars are still displayed.  Leave the phone until it has completed the search. Retry this process if it does not work first time.


Reset factory settings

If you have phone numbers stored in the Contacts area then copy them to the SIM. This can done from the Contacts part of the menu.

Then return to Settings>Scroll down to Reset settings> Select> Reset Enter admin code of 123456. The phone will then turn off and on again. Enter language and time region. Take phone outside and see if it will Register on the network.

* Firmware upgrades for Isatphone Pro & Isatphone 2 satellite phones Click here

MAC users

The upgrades will NOT work from a MAC (For the MAC fans out there we know that they should BUT they won't)

As a service to our customers for $69.00 inc GST. ClientSAT will perform the update of the firmware and send the phone back to your postal address via Express Post Platinum.


Due to the various operating systems used by our clients we are not able to provide telephone support for this process.


If you are able to upgrade your phone's firmware that is fantastic, if not please visit the link below. We will then invoice you. Further information regarding shipping the phone to us will be included in our invoice.  


Please click here to complete the Firmware upgrade order form.