Thuraya - airtime Australia


ClientSAT will supply your Thuraya phone with an Australian mobile number 04XX XXX XXX

When calling to the satellite phone the caller will be charged at their normal “calls to mobile" rates. You are not charged for receiving calls in Australia. With an unlimited call plan or within bundle call allowance on a mobile plan they would effectively be calling the satellite phone at no out of pocket expense! There are 4 different monthly airtime options here.

The $15 / month casual plan is very popular. Just one month minimum term. You can cancel and then restart with the same sim card. $25 is charged to reactivate if you cancel the service. Retain the same sim card for next time. (A new phone number will apply)

Contact us for Maritime, Data or outside of Australia usage rates.

Plan Name
Thuraya Casual   
Thuraya 30 Thuraya 65 Thuraya Big Plan
Monthly Access Fee $15 $30 $65 $79  
Monthly Included Value $0 $20 $55 $400  
Outgoing Call Cost (Per Minute) $0.99 $0.99 $0.80 $0.99  
Incoming Call Cost (Per Minute) N/A N/A N/A N/A  
Flagfall N/A N/A N/A N/A  

Once-off Connection Fee

Minimum term


1 Month


24 Months*


24 Months*


6 Months

 * No minimum contract term if you chose to pay a $50 activation fee        

Thuraya coverage map. In Australia we use the satellite above Singapore
A second satellite located above Kenya provides further coverage in The Middle East, Europe and Africa etc.



Look up angle explanation-
face approximately North West to obtain 5 bars of signal strength

If you were in Alice Springs your phone would need to see an angle of 44 degrees above the horizon,about half way up to the vertical.

We don't recommend Thuraya for the mountainous areas of eastern Australia as the satellite is too low in the sky.


































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