Thuraya XT Lite Rental

Please contact us to discuss your satphone rental requirement. 


We do not charge for delivery periods or return periods once the phone is delivered to an Australian Post Office. This typically saves you 5 days rental!!

See if you get that from a car rental company :) or other satellite phone rental companies!

Rental rates (Includes Shipping)-   Easy delivery to your door and return form any Post Office in our self addressed envelope at the end of your trip if required.

    Hire Period
$150      1 Week
$240     2 Weeks
$360     1 Month


Call us for for other periods

Airtime for rental phones.

You are not charged for incoming calls. Callers to the rental satellite phone will be charged at the same rate as if they were calling an Australian mobile phone! If they have unlimited calls to mobiles in their plan then they will call you for no out of pocket expense. 


To keep in touch with family & friends, tell them that the phone will be switched on from say... 5-7 pm every night or every second night & happy days!om the rental satellite phone to standard Australian mobile or landline numbers are charged $1.50 / minute or part there of. (This is about 50% less than most other rental call rates)Text m

Phone coverage

The Thuraya satellite is located closest to Australia is based just west of Singapore 37,000 KMS above the equator. Indicated here by red arrows. Please be aware that you will need to see a clear line of site “look up angle” above the virtual horizon in that direction. If that path is not visible due to buildings, mountains heavy foliage etc. then the phone will need be repositioned so it can see the satellite. Please consider this when selecting a satellite phone. If in doubt please contact us for an unbiased opinion of how each of the satellite phones and their respective networks will perform for you.





If you were in Alice Springs your phone would need to see an angle of 44 degrees above the "virtual" horizon which is half way up to the vertical and in a north westerly direction.


Broome 55 Darwin 50 Perth 48
Alice springs 44 Cairns 33 Adelaide 31
Melbourne  25 Brisbane 23 Sydney 22
Hobart 20        

(These angles were calculated using the Dish Align App.)






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