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wideye-isavi-inmarsat-isat-hub.pngClientSAT overview.
The WideyeiSavi is the latest technology manufactured by AddValue, the people who have been building satellite bradband terminals for years. It is the first terminal to use the Inmarsat IsatHub service and is now refered to as the Isat Hub by most people who have used it.

Put simply it is a wifi hotspot that allows you to make phone calls and have internet access from a smartphone or tablet or connect your laptop as you would with a standard                                             wifi network.

It is one of the cheapest portable satellite data options on the market and has similar speed to a 3G connection! The voice quality is good and it is easy to use. Simply point the device at the satellite with the help of a control app on your smartphone or tablet and you will be talking, emailing and browsing the net in minutes.

Weighs 850g
179 x 170 x 30 mm
IsatHub services supported
Standard IP (up to 384 / 240 Kbps)
Circuit switched voice

Battery: 2.5hr operating
Wi-Fi range of 30 metres / 100 feet
Built in SIP server
Mains charger
USB port for firmware updates
LED arrows for pointing assistance


Below is a short video by Phil Meyers from Inmarsat. He is a great bloke and knows this product better than most. He is a straight shooter and simply tells it like it is. Enjoy!


Inmarsat - The network

Inmarsat view angle map

Looking at the map, you can approximate the direction and how many degrees up from the horizon one of the Inmarsat satellites will be to point your Inmarsat IsatHub. If you are at in WA you will point the unit in a north easterly direction or more northerly if you are in the central or eastern states.  There are direction indicator lights on the IsatHub to show the direction to point the unit but the accompanying app on your tablet or smart phone makes it even easier. The IsatHub will need a clear line of sight to that position in the sky i.e. clear of buildings, mountains, tree foliage etc.




Inmarsat airtime rates for standard voice calls and data. Other options are available so please contact us for a chat to ensure we provide rates relevant to your usage requirement.


Other  call rates that you need to be aware of.


IsatHub Terms and Conditions

IsatHub services are provided as money allowances. Money allowance can be spent on any call or data type. Allowances are per month basis. Any unused monthly allowance will be forfeited. An activation fee will be charged at the initial activation date and also to reactivate a deactivated service.

You will receive a usage alert when you have reached 85% and 100% of your monthly allowance. This will be provided by email to the address provided with your original application. All services will automatically renew and be invoiced every month until written notice is provided to the carrier advising otherwise.

Australia pays the satellite provider in the currency of their choosing, therefore variations in foreign exchange rates may result in a surcharge being applied for these services.

All prices are quoted in AUD and are inclusive of GST at a rate of 10% All services are subject to the carrier's Australia's Airtime Terms and Conditions.


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